Current machines we have in use; (click a machine to view information)

Haas VF4 Machining Centre.
(X=1270mm / Y=635mm / Z=508mm)

Haas VF0 Machining Centre.
(X=508mm / Y=406mm / Z=508mm)

XYZ ProTrak 3000 3 Axis CNC Milling machine.
(X=410mm / Y=780mm / Z=400mm)


XYZ 560 Minimill Machining Centre.

XYZ 4000 Prototrak CNC Milling Machine.

Hyundai HIT15S Auto Lathe with Barfeed.

XYZ 420 CNC Chucking Lathe.

XYZ 3000 CNC Milling Machine.

Trotec Promarker 50watt Galvo Laser Marking System.

ProdWays L5000 DLP Industrial 3D Printer.

(£250,000.00 investment in DLP Technology)