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This business was born from two engineers Allan and Nigel in 1999. After initially running the business as a partnership while they built up a small local customer base. In a few short years providing services to clients like Carlsberg with in house designed machines and equipment, A&N had no choice but to move to larger premises.

In 2002 A&N decided to go Incorporated Limited  company and moved too two business units in Kettering which was very close to our main customer. Business increased and A&N employed their first Employee Paul (who still works here).

A&N grew steadily over the coming years, and they purchased the buildings, new cnc milling machines and a lathe to help them produce the bespoke machinery in house.

A few more years went by and Alan decided to step back from running the business due to failing health, and then  Nigel decided to retire and kick back with a well earned beer in Sherringham.

The business was bought by the employees Luke, Tony and John using Kettering Precision Limited so the business could continue.

Once under new ownership, the business was once again under intense investment, purchasing a New Haas and XYZ milling machines, Auto Lathe and a state of the art Galvo laser marking system, van and forklift to ensure going forward we will be able to produce parts for customers on time using the latest equipment.

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Business Administration

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CNC Milling

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CNC Turning

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